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Michael Bojkovic, MD

CEO and Chief Medical Officer


Snezana Bojkovic

Chief Compliance Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Grant Cleveland


Chief Information Officer

Chief Security Officer

Bobby Harper

Chief Operations Officer


FOCUS Behavioral Health, Inc. was registered as a Florida Corporation on February 26th, 2004.  As FOCUS began diversifying beyond behavioral reviews into medical reviews, FOCUS Behavioral Health, Inc. was modified to FOCUS Health, Inc.

FOCUS is one of the nation's leading URAC accredited Independent Review Organizations serving the managed care industry.

FOCUS client-companies have come to rely on our attentiveness, expertise and technologies year after year as we increase efficiency, accuracy and timeliness ever higher.  


At FOCUS, the patient’s needs are always our primary concern.  We have extensive experience working with nationally recognized, independently developed criteria and guidelines as well as Health Plan internally developed criteria, guidelines and policies.  However, patients are complex and no criteria set, guideline or policy could ever hope to fully address all possible aspects of the patients needs/symptoms, biopsycosocial context and/or the healthcare delivery system.  Because of that, our reviewers use their experience and expertise to look at the whole clinical picture to make a determination that is based independent clinical judgement and informed by the applicable criteria, guideline or policy.  We believe that the right care, that is medically necessary and appropriate, at the right time results in positive outcomes for everyone.

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